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Summer Baseball coach nominations wanted by 5/30

WBSA is looking for individuals who would like to be a head coach of a summer baseball team.  Please submit your nomination to league secretary Robin Hamilton no later than Saturday May 30th at noon.  Coaches will be announced soon after.


by posted 05/18/2015

Anyone interested in being a 2015 Summer Softball coach for levels 10U, 12U and 14U teams please email League Secretary Robin Hamilton by May 22, 2015.  Games are played Monday thru Thursdays beginning 6/22 and going thru 7/30.  Two tournaments for each level will be planned during the season as well.

by posted 05/18/2015
Field Status
Away Field - Anytown OPEN (5/24) 
Batting Cages - Whitman OPEN (5/24) 
Conley A - Whitman OPEN (5/24) 
Conley B - Whitman OPEN (5/24) 
Lower Town Park - Whitman OPEN (5/24) 
Memorial Field - Whitman OPEN (5/24) 
MS1 - Whitman OPEN (5/24) 
MS2 - Whitman OPEN (5/24) 
SB1 - Whitman OPEN (5/24) 
SB2 - Whitman OPEN (5/24) 
Town Park - Whitman OPEN (5/24) 
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