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WBSA Whitman Baseball & Softball Association youth organization

Whitman Baseball & Softball Association (WBSA) is the town of Whitman official youth baseball and softball organization. 

Youth, ages 4 - 15, can participate in both baseball and softball play during the spring, summer and fall months.  Governed by Little League International, WBSA is run by volunteers who are invested in the wellbeing of youth who want to learn and participate in the games of baseball and softball. 

WBSA has served the youth of Whitman for well over 25 seasons. 


ATTN Farm & Instructional Baseball Families

Hello teams of Instructional and Farm Baseball Divisions,


Its picture time!!! At tonights Instructional practice teams will take their team pics. I know there was short notice on the heads up, but appreciate the feedback and everyone doing what they can to make happen. The schedule  for tonight is as follows: ALL @ CONLEY

430-Driscoll Electric/Murphy

500-McDonalds/Gambino & T&K/Mackenzie

530-Five Rings/Foley & Trufant/Skowyra

5/18 (Saturday) - Dicks Sporting Goods/Lytle


***With pictures this week we will keep practice in that 5pm time slot and begin the 530 start next week****


Farm Teams will have their pictures taken this Saturday at the following times: ALL @ CONLEY

800-Bike Barn/Fairburn

830 - Sparkys/Tileston

1130 - Lets Talk/Doyle

1200 - Auto Tec/Jernstedt


Thank you to all the families in advance and lets hope the rain is done with us. Lets finish the season strong and please let me know if you have any questions.

Ryan Doyle




by posted 05/15/2019
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anytown - anytown OPEN (5/20) 
Concession Middle School - Whitman OPEN (5/20) 
Conley A - Whitman OPEN (5/20) 
Conley B - Whitman OPEN (5/20) 
HANSON LZ Field - Hanson OPEN (5/20) 
Memorial Field - Whitman OPEN (5/20) 
MS batting cages - whitman OPEN (5/20) 
MS1 - Whitman OPEN (5/20) 
MS2 - Whitman OPEN (5/20) 
Robinson Field - Hanson OPEN (5/20) 
SB1 - Whitman OPEN (5/20) 
SB2 - Whitman OPEN (5/20) 
Town Park - Whitman OPEN (5/20) 
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